Help us test and perfect the new Mac version!!

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Help us test and perfect the new Mac version!!

Post by popcorn-time » Thu Aug 28, 2014 3:48 pm

Hey Everyone,

Please give a round of applause to the brand new Mac testing .!!

We're releasing it here for closed beta testing, in the loyal hands of all you Mac users and after we get your feedback we'll release it to the public.
Please report bugs you find, tell us what's not working and be as descriptive as possible! This is a brand new ., built from scratch, so we tested it a lot on our own, but it very well may be that we missed a few things...
Be patient!
If you want something that will work 100%, please wait for the official release.
If you're into helping us find bugs, download this one :-)
Every bug that you find, please post it on this thread:
And again, try and be as descriptive as possible...

Use the following . as guidelines:

* What is your OS .?
* Is your internet . stable?
* Does this occur for all the series/movies you watch? Did you try different torrents for that movie/episode?
* Did you try this on another internet .?
* Did you try it on wifi and cable?
* If possible, we would really appreciate screen recordings(Windows/Mac) or screenshots of your .!

Please do not ask for new features here on this thread... All feature requests put in the "Your two cents" forum.

Change log:
cross platform infrustructe built in c++
free built in VPN
chromecast support
airplay support
Roku support (in the making)
subtitles for chromecast (in the making)
a smoother and improved video player
ability to change subtitles size
better cpu usage

This is our first step towards an awesome new cross platform desktop app which will give all you devoted . users a WAY better movie/TV show watching experience, so check it out and reply to this post, telling us how it is.

Thanks Popcorners!! Enjoy and hopefully it's working brilliantly already!! :lol:

Full source code released under GPL-V3 license:

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