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Post by popcorn-time » Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:29 am

Hello our beloved dedicated community,

So we're sure that most of you noticed everything that's been going on in the past few days... A full on fucking attack on us, with the removal of our domain time4popcorn.eu

Now, this is the first time that we REALLY need your help!!!

We're back with a new domain: http://www.popcorn-time.se and we're working harder than ever on getting everything back to normal, but this domain removal killed our SEO.
From being the comfortable #1 Google result, a result we worked super hard to achieve and did so after we developed for many platforms and gave our users the best experience we can give - NOW we don't exist in Google.
People searching for . for Android, ., the safe and secure . with the built in VPN and everything else we've added, cannot find us.

How can we climb up the Google SEO ladder? By getting our URL everywhere we can.

Please read this blog post: http://blog.popcorn-time.se/help-save-popcorn-time/ So you can further understand how you can help this project stay afloat.

How you can help . survive.

We need YOU!!!

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