Beta 5.2.2 for desktop (Windows and Mac) is out!

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Beta 5.2.2 for desktop (Windows and Mac) is out!

Post by popcorn-time » Tue Mar 03, 2015 1:26 pm

Hi all,

We've just released beta 5.2.2 for Windows and Mac. Re-install from or just wait a few days for an automatic update.
This new . has many bug fixes, such as issues caused by slow buffering, sound stuttering issue should be resolved, Apple TV support is fixed and some Chromecast issues are fixed as well!

Unfortunately we were not able to solve the "Stuck on start up screen for Mac 10.7.X" issue... Not yet. We've managed to reproduce it, but the fix will take a bit longer. So Mac users, don't lose hope, just a bit longer and it'll work for you as well!!

As usual, report whatever issues you're having on our "Everything Desktop" forum!

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