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Android beta 2.6.1 is out!

Posted: Wed May 13, 2015 3:20 pm
by popcorn-time
Hi everyone,

Android Beta 2.6.1 is out with many bug fixes and a few new features! Get it from

What's new?
1. Now you can watch movies offline with cached subtitles
2. You can choose to make the app use only Wi-Fi . for downloading
3. You can preset a maximum speed limit for download/upload
4. Video posters (preview pictures) support is improved
5. Improved settings
6. Chromecast playback seek bar sync fixed
7. Several other Chromecast issues are fixed
8. Added Turkish and Italian interface languages

We’re working super hard now on preparing Android beta 2.7, which will have the Android Lollipop issue fixed!Also subtitles for non Latin languages should work well there and more awesome features and needed fixes will
be available.

Stay cool and happy Popcorning.