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Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 3:29 pm
by ORboZ
So I am using . and ever since I tried to move the download folder where the movies I stream go to, this thing happens. I used to have this problem some time ago before, but it was fixed by deleting the cache folder from the local file. Now however, this does not do the job. I have a stable internet ., I did try to run the app as an admin, I reinstalled a couple of times the program along with restarting my PC, I have already used a VPN and disabled my antivirus and nothing changes. Also I am using windows 10 and I have tried downloading Ccleaner to delete registry files, temp files etc. If there is anything I haven't tried, please let me know.(btw, whenever I try to launch PT, a node.js keeps showing up in the background tasks inside task manager)