A special request

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A special request

Post by popcorn-time » Wed Aug 13, 2014 2:10 pm

Hey Everyone,

As we informed yesterday on our blog, Facebook and Twitter that the Android . 2.2 is out. Woohoo :)
If you want to read about the changes we made and get the link to download it if it didn't update automatically on your device, do so on our blog: http://blog.time4popcorn.com/?p=70

Now we need your help, our beloved users!!
Your help in spreading the word about this new .!!!
Since our Android app is not on the Google Play store ( :cry: ), people are not exposed to it.
They see it only if they search specifically for . 4 Android, or if they hear about it from a friend.

You are those friends!! You are our representatives around the world!!

Friends, please post the link the download the new apk: http://time4popcorn.com/android.html on a forum where you're active, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or whatever other social network, send a pigeon, a raven - which ever way that is available to you and will make more people know about this awesome app.

We're working so hard on it, constantly improving it for you guys (and for us, we're also users!!), now is your time to give back with sharing.

Love you all, and THANKS!!
Popcorn for all and all for Popcorn!!!!! :lol:

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