Windows beta 5.1 and Mac beta 4.9.1

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Windows beta 5.1 and Mac beta 4.9.1

Post by popcorn-time » Sun Dec 21, 2014 9:15 am

Hi all,

2 releases for you today!!
Windows beta 5.1 with many bug fixes (Chromecast for one and many more). This update is not automatic, so please re-download the app from

Mac beta 4.9.1 also with many bug fixes! Why is 5.1 for Mac taking so long? Read about it on our blog: ... ndows-mac/

You have special threads for issues with either . on the "Something's not right" forum, so use them wisely!!!

We had a rough few weeks guys, with our servers being taken down every other day, we just moved to a different hosting company, and we sure hope this host is a better one!!! Let's all cross fingers and pray for that.

Long live Popcorn, enjoy! :mrgreen:

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