Annabelle movie review

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Annabelle movie review

Post by Tamara911 » Wed Dec 24, 2014 4:42 pm

Just went to the cinema last night to watch this one.

Now everyone's talking about it, though everyone is saying it's just another horror flick, and yet everyone is still going to see it so thought why not.

They were right. Annabelle is just a movie that takes everything that horror has done in the past, puts it in the mixer, and mixes it into something which has definitely been made before. 20 times. At least.

Same old happy family, nice good innocent couple John and Mia, who are expecting their first born child, bring in a nice "beautiful" antique child sized doll.

"NOTHING .". Yeh, right... But when things start getting . and people start getting MURDERED (oh, my, Mia) they don't jump to . that it may have to do with this satanic doll they brought in their house! I guess they haven't watched that movie before... Lol. Anyhow, you know how the story goes in these cases... People die, all hell breaks lose, but the good guys win. Of course.

Popcorn rating (same as stars, just popcorn's): 2 Popcorn's.

What did you all think of Annabelle? Let me know.

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Re: Annabelle movie review

Post by elmaasheley147 » Sat Nov 24, 2018 9:42 am

I just love this movie

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